Recent Update

09/19[Music]After Service / YMO, SONY GT(MCHL-10120-10121)

09/18[Music]Service / YMO, SONY GT(MCHL-10119)

09/16[Music]Hosono Haruomi compiled by Hoshino Gen / V.A., Victor(VICL-65244-5)

09/11[Music]浮気なぼくら+インストゥルメンタル / YMO, SONY GT(MHCL-10117-8)

09/04[Music]One Day I'll be on Time / The Album Leaf, Tiger Style|P-Vine(PCD-20364)

09/02[Music]Saravah! Saravah! - Yukihiro Takahashi Live 2018 - / Yukihiro Takahashi, Better Days|Columbia(COZB-1533-4)

08/29[Music]Book of Romance and Dust / Exit North, Exit North Music(EN01)

08/19[Music]Agaetis Byrjun -a new beginning 20th anniversary edition- / Sigur Ros, Krunk|Universal(KRUNK8DXCD)

08/12[Music]Love by Machine / Octave One, 430 West Records|BBQ(4WCD700JP)

08/11[Music]Atrantic Oscillations / Quantic, Truthoughts|Beat(BRC-599)