Recent Update

09/14[Music]Troubadour / V.A., Troubadour Records(TTRC-0011)

09/07[Music]Tours / V.A., Troubadour Records(TTRC-0006)

09/06[Music]This is Telex / Telex, Traffic(TRCP-289)

08/30[Music]Rock and Roll Night Club / Mac Demarco, Captured Tracks(CT-140)

08/24[Music]Right Moment / Fumiya Tanaka, PERLON(PERL124CD)

08/21[Music]Music for Parties / Silicon Teens, Mute(CDSTUMM2)

08/17[Music]Sounds of Transonic 1999-2000 -Flavour Years/ V.A., Transonic|Flavour of Sounds(FVCC-80122)

08/15[Music]Heavy Sun / Daniel Lanois, eONE(EMC-CD-28392)

08/11[Music]Namcot Game A-la-mode Vol.2 / namco, Victor(VDR-5243)

07/25[Music]The Best of Ryoondo-tea 2 Oku-no-yu / V.A., 涼音堂茶舗(DES039)